Installing wordpress on Linux using Bitnami

We already installed the individual LAMP(apache server, mysql server, php) stack for working with wordpress on linux(ubuntu) environment.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step 

In case we want to make our life bit easier, we can install the above LAMP stack with one push button using Bitnami.

How to install?

1. Open the > applications > wordpress > local install > download the package(which is by default selected as linux, based on the OS configuration of your PC)

local install bitnami linux

2.Change the permission on downloaded .run file as below
chmod a+x ./ 
launch the run file as ./
 giving permission on .run file in linux
3.Select the default options through the installer package

installation of bitnami for linux
Note:- Do remember the username and password that are used in the setup.(It’ll be used for wp-admin login to wordpress)

admin acccount for wordpress in bitnami
4.After installation is complete >finish and  browser will launch the bitnami page on default port

5.Click on the link to access wordpress or open the URL :-
 access wordpress on bitnami
6.You can configure the default port, check the phpmyadmin from the manager window.
manager for bitnami on linux

Do more configurations:-
1.Open the location where bitnami is installed, wp-bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/
This is the place where all the wordpress files are present, edit this to create new themes, plugins, change configurations.

For Example1, 
a)open the htdocs folder in code editor lets say sublime
b)wp-content/ — create a new folder say child and with file style.css
c)write the below comments into style.css file
Theme Name: Child of Twenty Seventeen
Template: twentyseventeen

working with htdocs file in wordpress

d)Check that corresponding theme is shown in appearances/themes from URL of the wordpress

child theme in wordpress created using style.css

Example2:-Place new theme/plugins downloaded from internet, 
htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ —place it here

Keep Learning and keep exploring :)

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