Install and Configure MySql on Linux?

Frank Herbert
Installation for mysql is similar to installing apache server and php on Ubuntu. 
Step1:- Open terminal window and type the below command(install mysql-server)

sudo apt-get install mysql-server


Adding root password in installing mysql
  • Add root password in the dialog box after installation. 
  • Incase any pop up comes during installation just accept the default and continue the installation process.

Step2:- Install workbench(IDE) to work with MySql
sudo apt-get install mysql-workbench

Step3:- Start mysql workbench
a)Type the below command in terminal
b)Open the default localhost instance and add “root” password.

Launch localhost in mysql

Note:- You can add workbench to launcher and open it from terminal as well from launcher.

Step4:- Create schema(database) in workbench.
a)Databases > New
b)Add schema name, select collation value say “utf8” > Apply > Close

Add new schema in workbench

c)Now we can create our tables inside the database.

So now we have Apache, MySQL, and PHP running on Linux, the complete LAMP stack. 


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