Tips and Tricks for working with Robot Framework – Part-1

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Problem1:- How i can generate random test data in Robot framework?

Solution:- Use FakerLibrary

Install :- 
pip install robotframework-faker

Note:- Include FakerLibrary in settings as “Library FakerLibary”

Example:- To generate random number we can use code as below:-

generate random value in robotframework

Problem2:- How to generate random value within given range?

Solution:- Using Random keyword

${randomValue} Evaluate random.randint(0, 5000) modules=random

Generate random value in robot framework

Problem3:- How to take screenshot on failures in Robot Framework?

Solution:- Using Screenshot library
1. Include the library in settings like Library Screenshot path_of_Directory 
2. Capture the screenshot on failure

Screenshot in robot framework

Problem4:- How to refresh browser in Robot Framework?
1. Use “Reload” keyword
2. Use “Execute JavaScript” 

Refresh in browser using robot framework

More ways to Refresh?

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Learn Java

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