Group id vs Artifact id for a project

When creating a new project in java IDE, what is the significane of group id and artifact id?

group id intellij

Lets understand what are these values and why we use them.

Group ID :- Its an value which gives unique name to the project (like primary key in SQL tables).

Artifact ID:- Name of the project (jar file will have the same name, when project is build).

Group ID :- Like package in java, it follows the reverse domain naming approach.
Confused ???, lets have a example.

Lets say we have domain as than group id will be com.ufthelp(reverse of domain)
another example,, will be

Artifact id:- Its the name of the project (lowercase and longer name seperated by dash).
Example, selenium2library

Version, is the build version of the project, i.e jarname.version example chrome-53.1 (where chrome is the name of thee project, 53.1 is version)

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