Month: February 2017

Run given process from Terminal using Robot Framework

February 22, 2017

Problem:- How to execute external files (say as process using robot framework?Solution:-Approach 1 :- Using Run Process keyword, under “Process” libraryStep1:- Include “Process” library in settingsStep2:- Use “Run Process” keyword as below Comment Using Run Process Keyword${result} = Run Process python -c print ‘Hello, world!’Should Be Equal ${result.stdout} Hello, world!Comment Using Run Keyword${output} Run […]

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Basic/Simple Selectors

February 15, 2017

Type /Element Selectors: The most common and easy to understand selectors are type selectors. Type selectors will select any HTML element on a page that matches the selector or node name regardless of their position in the document tree . Used alone, therefor selects all the elements for the given node name.Syntax Example: View in JSFIDDLE There […]

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Group id vs Artifact id for a project

February 13, 2017

Problem:- When creating a new project in java IDE, what is the significane of group id and artifact id? Solution:-Lets understand what are these values and why we use them.What?Group ID :- Its an value which gives unique name to the project (like primary key in SQL tables).Artifact ID:- Name of the project (jar file will […]

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CSS Selectors

February 10, 2017

What is CSS ? CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language that controls the look and feel of html elements in browser. Layman example:- Going to beauty salon for hair cut is applying CSS on our face (which is equivalent to HTML).  What is the meaning of CSS selector? Selectors are used to apply CSS styles on html […]

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