Verify Regex in Robot Framework?

Problem:- How to verify given regular expression using Robot Framework


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1.Create a regular expression using online tool
Example:- we want to verify 34.4% we will create a regular expression first 

Regex robot framework

2.Use Should Match Regex keyword

regex robot framework

Example 1 :-
We want to verify whether dynamic pattern like 34.4% exists on UI
Verify that uuid like 9100d6678-1b1c-45b445-bdf9-47bc0b15a603 exists on UI 


${cpuUsage} Get Text //test/div 
Should Match Regexp ${cpuUsage} ^[0-9]{1,2}[.][0-9]% CPU Usage validation
${uuidNumber} Get Text //test/div
Should Match Regexp ${uuidNumber} [0-9a-z-] UUID validation

More Examples

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