Month: December 2016

Basic Linux commands for beginners

December 29, 2016

Scenario:- What are some of basic commands one should know when moving from windows enviornment to linux(say ubuntu)?   Solution:- Its a learning experience when moving from mouse click(windows) to terminal evniornment(ubuntu)   We are trying to cover some the very basic commands, please feel free to add more from experience as comments to this […]

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Practical issues and solutions for working with JMeter – Part2

December 23, 2016

More Scenarios Scenario:- How to display results from Beanshell sampler to response?Solution :- Simple code example:- String display=”HelloWorld”;//Taking results and displaying in responseSampleResult.setResponseData( display);SampleResult.setDataType( org.apache.jmeter.samplers.SampleResult.TEXT );Scenario:- Not able to understand the error message thrown by jmeter in beanshell sampler or beanshell assertions? Solution :-  Use try-catch try{ int expectedMsgs = ${noOfMessages} * ${messageThreads}; int actualCount =Integer.parseInt(SampleResult.getResponseDataAsString()); //System.out.print(actualCount); if (expectedMsgs!=actualCount) […]

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Practical issues and solutions for working with JMeter – Part1

December 3, 2016

Most of the time we are struck with very granular issues with JMeter. To overcome these type of hurdles we are sharing the pragmatic solutions to problems.Refer part2 of learning for more issuesDo share your issues/solutions in the comment section below to help others as we always believe sharing is caring, and Life is short..share […]

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