Month: August 2016

Selenium interview Q/A Part-1

August 16, 2016

1.What is the meaning of Page object Model pattern? 2.What is the difference between data/keyword driven frameworks? 3.Difference between TestNG and Junit? 4.Major components of OOPS? 5.What are the new features in Java – 8? 6.Key components of white box testing? 7.Meaning of headless browser? 8.What is the advantages and disadvantages of headless browser testing? […]

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API testing interview Questions-1 ?

August 11, 2016

Do follow us for more updates on  Fb,G+,Twitter.Basic API Testing interview questions:–1.What is the meaning of HTTP protocol?2.What are the range of methods available in HTTP? 3.What is the difference between PUT and POST method?4.What are the different  HTTP status codes?5.Why we use 5XX error code?6.How we can filter the Head of the response?7.What is the difference between […]

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