Month: April 2016

Importing an library in Robot Framework comes in RED color.

April 19, 2016

Issue: – We tried adding the Selenium2Libray in robot framework but its shown in red color(in settings) and we are not able to implement any of the keywords. Root cause: – Anything coming in red in settings after importing generally means that particular library is not properly installed.Let’s check whether we were able to install […]

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New input types in HTML5

April 5, 2016

Stop managing your time. Start managing your focus.We already discussed the new form elements in HTML5. Today we would highlight the new input types in HTML5. How many of them was introduced?13 New Input Types.Follow us to learn more .. Fb, G+,TwitterDoes my browser Supports them?Check the compatibility chart. If any of the browser does not supports it would […]

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