Robot Framework: – Cannot import name XmlElementHandler Error

After upgrading to the latest version of Robot Framework and RIDE and rerunning existing scripts, we were surprised to get the “Cannot import name XmlElementHandler”

Step1:- Try to locate the missing file in robot setup that is installed on the system.
In our case it was XmlElementHandler, after some investigation (by searching the folders of robotframework installation 🙂 ) we located the file :-
Path in our case: – “C:Python27Libsite-packages(robotframework-version)robotresult

Step2:- Open the erroneous file (

Step3:- In our case it was empty, so we googled it out to find the latest file
Step4:- Replaced the file and our scripts are up and running :p

Note:- Incase the copied files from robotframework setup location on internet contains some extra character do remove them before running ( in our case [docs] was coming extra)

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