Robot Framework- Working with Excel Library(Part-3)

After our installation and fetching data from excel we would move towards writing data into excel.

Robot Framework with Excel Library

Scenario:- How to publish robot framework run results into Excel?

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Step1:- Create excel at run time with given heading inside Results folder.(At “Suite Setup)
Step2:- Add test details (at Test Case “Setup”) to newly created excel
Step3:- Append the results(pass/fail) to the excel after the run of the Test case in Robot Framework.(at Test Case “Teardown”)


*** Settings ***
Suite Setup Create Result File
Library ExcelLibrary
Library OperatingSystem
Library robot.api.logger
Library Selenium2Library
Library String

*** Variables ***
${sFileName} ${EXECDIR}\Data\TestSheet.xls # DataSheet
${sResultFilePath} ${EXECDIR}\Results\Results # ResultFile

*** Test Cases ***
TC01_Fetch Data From Excel & Write Results
[Setup] Append Test Details to Results File
Open given Excel file ${sFileName}
${sURL} Get data from Excel with given column Data TC_02 Url
Log ${sURL}
[Teardown] Publish Test Case Result

*** Keywords ***
Open given Excel file
[Arguments] ${sFileName}
#Check that the given Excel Exists
${inputfileStatus} ${msg} Run Keyword And Ignore Error OperatingSystem.File Should Exist ${sFileName}
Run Keyword If "${inputfileStatus}"=="PASS" info ${sFileName} Test data file exist ELSE Fail Cannot locate the given Excel file.
Open Excel ${sFileName}

Get data from Excel with given column
[Arguments] ${sSheetName} ${sTestCaseNo} ${sColumnName}
log ${sColumnName}
${colCount} Get Column Count ${sSheetName}
: FOR ${y} IN RANGE 0 ${colCount}
${header} Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} ${y} 0
#Check if this is the given header
Run Keyword If "${header}"=="${sColumnName}" Set Test Variable ${colNum} ${y}
log ${colNum}
#Get the total rows in the Sheet
${iTotalRows} ExcelLibrary.Get Row Count ${sSheetName}
: FOR ${iRowNo} IN RANGE 1 ${iTotalRows}+1
${TC_Num} Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} 0 ${iRowNo}
#Incase TestCase No is same , fetch the data from same row and given column No
${sSearchedData} Run Keyword If "${sTestCaseNo}"=="${TC_Num}" ExcelLibrary.Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} ${colNum}
... ${iRowNo}
Run Keyword If "${sTestCaseNo}"=="${TC_Num}" Exit For Loop
[Return] ${sSearchedData}

Create Result File
[Documentation] Create a result file at runtime
${sResultFile} Add TimeStamp to File ${sResultFilePath}
#Create Result file at the given location
Create File ${sResultFile}
Append to file ${sResultFile} TC_NumbertTC_DesctStatustCommentsn
Set Global Variable ${sResultFile} ${sResultFile}

Add TimeStamp to File
[Arguments] ${sResultFilePath}
[Documentation] Creating the Name of the Results file based on the current TimeStamp
${date} OperatingSystem.Run echo %date%
${yyyy} ${mm} ${dd} Split String ${date} /
${time} OperatingSystem.Run echo %time%
${hh} ${min} ${sec} Split String ${time} :
#Creating TimeStamp
${timestamp} Set Variable ${mm}${dd}${yyyy}_${hh}${min}
log ${timestamp}
${sfileName} Set Variable ${sResultFilePath}_${timestamp}.xls
[Return] ${sfileName}

Append Test Details to Results File
[Documentation] Adding Test Case Details to Results File
#Fetch TC No
${sTCNo} ${sTestDesc} Split String ${TESTNAME} _
append to file ${sResultFile} ${sTCNo}t${sTestDesc}t

Publish Test Case Result
[Documentation] Adding TC fail/pass results to Result File
append to file ${sResultFile} ${TEST STATUS}t${TEST MESSAGE}n
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