Robot Framework- Working with Excel Library(Part-2)

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We started with installation of Excel Library in Robot Framework , today we would focus on utilizing the keywords present in the Excel Library.
Next is publishing run results into Excel

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Scenario:- How we can fetch data from Excel in Robot framework to parameter our test cases.

Solution:- We need to implement ExcelLibrary keywords.

Inbuilt Keywords Used in our Example:-

  • Open Excel
  • Get Column Count
  • Read Cell Data by Coordinates
  • Get Row Count

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*** Settings ***
Library ExcelLibrary
Library OperatingSystem
Library robot.api.logger

*** Variables ***
${sFileName} ${EXECDIR}\Data\TestSheet.xls # DataSheet

*** Test Cases ***
TC_Fetch Data from Excell
[Documentation] Fetching the data from given Row and Column Name
Open given Excel file ${sFileName}
#Passing SheetName,RowDetails and ColumnName, to fetch data
${sData} Get data from Excel with given column DataSheet TC_02 UserName
Log ${sData}

*** Keywords ***
Open given Excel file
[Arguments] ${sFileName}
#Check that the given Excel Exists
${inputfileStatus} ${msg} Run Keyword And Ignore Error OperatingSystem.File Should Exist ${sFileName}
Run Keyword If "${inputfileStatus}"=="PASS" info ${sFileName} Test data file exist ELSE Fail Cannot locate the given Excel file.
Open Excel ${sFileName}

Get data from Excel with given column
[Arguments] ${sSheetName} ${sTestCaseNo} ${sColumnName}
log ${sColumnName}
${colCount} Get Column Count ${sSheetName}
: FOR ${y} IN RANGE 0 ${colCount}
${header} Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} ${y} 0
#Check if this is the given header
Run Keyword If "${header}"=="${sColumnName}" Set Test Variable ${colNum} ${y}
log ${colNum}
#Get the total rows in the Sheet
${iTotalRows} ExcelLibrary.Get Row Count ${sSheetName}
: FOR ${iRowNo} IN RANGE 1 ${iTotalRows}+1
${TC_Num} Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} 0 ${iRowNo}
#Incase TestCase No is same , fetch the data from same row and given column No
${sSearchedData} Run Keyword If "${sTestCaseNo}"=="${TC_Num}" ExcelLibrary.Read Cell Data By Coordinates ${sSheetName} ${colNum}
... ${iRowNo}
Run Keyword If "${sTestCaseNo}"=="${TC_Num}" Exit For Loop
[Return] ${sSearchedData}

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Robot Framework- Working with Excel Library(Part-1)

In part-1 we would discuss on Installing Excel Library to work with Robot Framework.

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Scenario: – How we can install Excel Library to work with excel files using Robot Framework.
After extracting all the files we need to install all of them:-
Downloaded files of Excel library

Using command prompt browse to the location where files are located and use the command.

Windows:- install

Installing Excel Library in Robot Framework

Repeat the above process for all the dependencies.


Robot Framework with Excel on UNIX

We can check that we have successfully installed all the individual components by typing python, followed by import “folder Name” in the command window after the installation.

For example:-


Verify Excel library is installed


Verify Excel library dependencies are installed

Note: – We cannot use .xlsx extensions, due to limited support thus we need to stick to .xls extension(Excel 97-2003).

In our next post we are going to explore more on Excel integration with Robot Framework.