Month: January 2016

Robot Framework- Working with Excel Library(Part-2)

January 28, 2016

Life is short..share while you still have knowledge.We started with installation of Excel Library in Robot Framework , today we would focus on utilizing the keywords present in the Excel Library.Next is publishing run results into ExcelWe can connect on Fb,G+,Twitter to spread more learning.Scenario:- How we can fetch data from Excel in Robot framework to parameter our test cases.Solution:- […]

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Robot Framework- Working with Excel Library(Part-1)

January 25, 2016

In part-1 we would discuss on Installing Excel Library to work with Robot Framework. True Success is balance. For me, this means Health, Wealth, Happiness. So I try and get 1% better each week in each of these areas. Lets learn the robot framework integration with Robot Framework to enhance our skills. Scenario: – How […]

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