Best and affordable editor for writing visual Basic code??

What is your favorite VBS editor to write scripts?

If we search vb editor on Google you would find thousand of suggestions like notepad++,vbsedit and many more fancy IDE.But sometimes there are situations, like due to organization compliance policies or some other reasons, that we don’t have access to these editors .Then what to do in that case of scenarios.

“Don’t use a lot where a little will do.” -Proverb

Thus we have to achieve maximum out of what we have.

Solution is utilizing the inbuilt feature of developer tab  in  Microsoft excel to code our vbs/vba scripts.

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1. Open excel instance.

2. Look for “Developer tab” -> Visual Basic

Opening Visual Basic editor in Excel
Note: – Incase “Developer tab” is not available in the excel ribbon, then, click on Microsoft icon on the top left corner of excel ->Excel Options -> Popular -> check the “Show Developer tab in the ribbon” > OK
We can directly launch Visual basic IDE by using ALT+ F11,after launching the excel instance.

3. Right click on VBA project in the “project explorer “ -> Insert -> module

Inserting Module in Excel

4. Now we ready to write our code, it provides intellisense and debugging 

Debug in VBA project Excel

facilities(like we have watch option in UFT same is available here) 

5. Save as type “Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook”

6. Run (F5) or green play icon on the ribbon panel.
Explore the other features on the panel to learn more.

Run VBA project Excel

Please share your views or your comments about what can be your favorite editor incase you have limited resources, other than Notepad offcourse 🙂

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