Month: April 2015

Designing Hybrid Framework in Automation (Part-2)

April 21, 2015

We have already discussed the implementation part of our Hybrid Framework(Part 1),Now we are going to focus on the the new enhancements that we have introduced while converting our keyword driven framework to hybrid framework. New Capabilities:-   1. Data drive the test (Parameterization)meaning running the same test case with varying set of data. For this we implemented […]

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Hybrid Framework in Automation (Part-1)

April 19, 2015

We started our journey to grasp the concept of framework in automation using keyworddriven approach, today we are going to shape our existing code into a more versatile form known as Hybrid framework. Note:- Please read our post on Keyword Driven framework before starting with Hybrid concept.Follow us on Facebook for more updates and learning!!! […]

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