Month: February 2015

Creating Pivot chart for ALM reporting.

February 26, 2015

How we created our automation progress  report from ALM to Email in 30 minutes?Requirement:–We need to showcase our management regarding the  progress in Automation.So rather than giving them quantitative data we thought of sharing it in more presentable manner using Pivot charts.Hope it help our fellow automation friends in creating easy and rapid reports.Please feel free to […]

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How to Select random value from a DropDownList using Selenium or UFT

February 18, 2015

Requirement:- We need to select random value from a given dropdownlist, to test the functionality how our AUT would behave under varying selection of options.Application Link:– DropDownlist + HTML code Approach:-1.We would take the count of existing options in the weblist/dropdownlist .2.Take a random value between 0(starting index of the dropdownlist, we can avoid in […]

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Array in Java

February 15, 2015

What is an Array?An array is storehouse or we can say collection of similar type of data type.It is a data structure where we store similar elements. We can store only fixed set of elements in a java array(solution is ArrayList in Java) unlike vbscript where we can have dynamic arrays using Redim keyword.“Stop being […]

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Exploring Data Type & Variables in Java

February 14, 2015

Java is a strongly typed programming language unlike Vbscript,Perl.In novice terms it means that all the variables in the Java programming language ought to have a particular data type.Example we cannot use a variable say “xyz” in the code before declaring this like:- String xyz;What is a Variable?Variable is the name given to the reserved […]

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Key Components of JAVA

February 6, 2015

JDK, JRE and JVM are core concepts of Java programming language. As a novice in this language we should try to comprehend these concepts to visualize how it works logically.For more updates do follow us on Facebook,Twitter or Google+ Java Development Kit (JDK) consists of tools needed to create the Java programs,like Java libraries, Java […]

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Introduction to JAVA

February 3, 2015

Have faith, love and courage to learn and share with others.That is what we at uftHelp believe in.We are starting this series of tutorials with focus on JAVA programming language.Do follow us on Fb,G+,Twitter for more updates. History:-It kick-started in 1991, when a group of Sun Microsystem engineers team (called as Green Team, led by James Gosling) put up their efforts […]

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