Install Log4j in Eclipse

We are done with basic introduction to log4j, now lets make our setup ready to work with log4j in selenium.

Download  Log4j:-
Open the link:-
Note:- we have used the older version of log4j1.2x in our example code, 

New version of is also available.

Click on the below link 

download apache log4j
log4j zip file link

Click on the Apache Download Mirrors link

log4j downloading link
log4j download link

Save and Extract the file

log4j download from apache
Downloading the log4j jar file
log4j jar file
log4j jar file after extraction

Include the Jar file in project and we are done
How to add Jar to project.

add log4j to eclipse
Adding log4j jar files to Java project

Basic Log4j Example

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