Installation of TestNG in Eclipse

After our introduction to TestNG, we are moving towards its installation as an Add-in in Eclipse.For this we need Eclipse on our system and an internet connection.

Also there is no need to download any Jar file or exe file for installation.  We need to just utilize the “Install New Software” option available in the Eclipse.

Launch Eclipse IDE -> Help -> Install new Software

Install new software in Eclipse
Install New Software

a.Click Add on “Available Software” window

Available software window in Eclipse
Available Software

b.Fill the details on “Add Repository” window, i.e Name,(say TestNG) and  location = “” ->Click OK
Beust to remind You is the creator of TestNG

TestNG Location URL
Add Name and Location of TestNG 

Select TestNG in Available Software list window -> Click Next

Select TestNG from Available Software
Select TestNG 

Accept the license Agreement -> Finish

License Agreement Window
License Agreement Window

Note:– Incase of any warning message popup comes , click OK 

Security Warning in Eclipse
Security Warning Message

Restart Eclipse

Restart Eclipse window after Software Updates
Restart Eclipse window

Verify TestNG is successfully installed.
Right click on the Java Project in the solution explorer and check that TestNG option is available.

Solution Explorer with TestNg
TestNG is Installed

1.It can happen due to company restrictions you may need to do proxy settings to enable installing of new software from eclipse.

How to do that, ask proxy settings in your team(most of the time development team know this as they are already using eclipse).
in eclipse follow the path, windows > preferences >search ‘network’ > click on network connections > set the settings something like as shown in the below screenshot


2.Another way to download software in eclipse is using “marketplace
Help > Eclipse marketplace > search “testNG” and install 🙂
install testng from marketplace
Writing our First Test Case using TestNG

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