Log4j Configuration file

After executing our basic test case using logger in log4j, we would modify it, to include “Appender” and “layout“ objects by implementing “Configuration file” in our code. What is Configuration […]

First Test Case using log4j

After installation and basic overview of log4j, we are implementing log4j in our first test case.Here we would be configuring log4j pro-grammatically but recommended approach is to use it manually by using configuration […]

Install Log4j in Eclipse

We are done with basic introduction to log4j, now lets make our setup ready to work with log4j in selenium.Download  Log4j:-Step1:-Open the link:-Note:- we have used the older version of […]

JavaScript Questions-(Part-2)

Prepare well to crack Interview’s 1.What is the functionality of DOM?2.Tell different ways to refresh the page?location.reload()history.go()window.location.href3.How to assign value to ViewState?ViewState.Add(“Name”,”UFT”);ViewState[“Name”] = “UFT”;4.What is the output of JS Code?var […]

Implement ReportNG in TestNG

What is ReportNG?ReportNG is a reporter add-on for TestNG that implements the report listener of TestNG. ReportNG reports provides better user interface(look and feel)compared to the original HTML reports. To […]