Understanding Selenium IDE?

What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE is a fully-functional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that installs as a plugin in Mozilla Firefox, which empower developers to test web applications. With the Selenium IDE, we can record user interactions with the web browser and play them back to the application.

Thus it works on the core principle of Record and Playback (other example is UFT/QTP) but it only works on Firefox browser (Major limitation).


Launch Firefox and open the below link.
Link: –

Click on the link for latest available release under “Selenium IDE”.
Release Notes

Download Selenium IDE
Download IDE

Firefox will protect you from installing add-ons from unfamiliar locations, so we need to click ‘Allow’ to proceed with the installation

Firefox security warning
Click Allow

After download progress is completed, click on Install now on the pop window opened.

Click Install now
Insall IDE

Restart the Firefox browser

Restart Firefox
Restart Firefox

Launching IDE

Shortcut: – Alt + Ctrl + s

Use top right corner of browser and click  Selenium icon

Selenium Icon
IDE Icon on Browser

Path:-Firefox Menu -> Web Developer -> Selenium IDE

Finding IDE in Firefox
Launching Selenium IDE

Launch Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE

1. By default IDE comes with 4 default plugins.
   Path:- Options (Menu Bar) ->Options ->Plugins 
   We can find more on this link 

2.We can Enable Web driver playback.
   Path: – Options (Menu Bar) ->Options ->WebDriver

Enable WebDriver Playback
Enable WebDriver Playback

Firebug Installation.

Example Scenario?

Integration with Webdriver?

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