Prerequisites for starting with selenium webdriver?

Whole automation fraternity is crazy about the emerging demand of selenium.Today we are sharing our 1st post on selenium.We are not doing something out-of-box, however we tend to start a basic step towards helping people learn Selenium.Hope our this initiative can guide and mentor our budding automation coders.

Requirement:- What is required to execute and get acquaintance with Selenium.

Solution:- Java,Eclipse,FireBug&Selenium

Java :-
JDK(Java development Kit) is the first essential component to start with selenium.

After downloading, run the exe file to complete the installation


Java Download
Click on Download Link

Java download for Selenium
Select the appropriate options

 Note:- Installation is successful, we can verify that by typing “java” in command prompt

Cmd prompt for Java
Java is installed 

IDE(integrated development environment) for doing coding.

After downloading , extract the file and run the “eclipse.exe” to launch it.


Eclipse download
Select version of Eclipse

Download Eclipse
In the workspace, select the location where our code will be saved.
Select Path to save the code
It is a web development tool that facilitates the debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website’s CSS, HTML, DOM, XHR, and JavaScript.We need this to work with webdriver, to get the location of elements like xpath or ID.

Download Firebug
Download Firebug
Note:- Try to download the latest available version.
After Installing, we can launch the plugin by navigating to “Web Developer” >> “Firebug”.

Selenium WebDriver:

After downloading and extracting the files,we will get a folder which should contain two jar files related to selenium, a lib folder which also contains jar files inside it. Beside this, there is a change log file as well.
Selenium Download
Downloading Selenium

Selenium Jar
Selenium Jar files
Note:- For comprehensive list of all the webdriver versions, click here

First Program using Eclipse. 

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