Month: August 2014

Working with Remote Agent in UFT

August 6, 2014

Let us comprehend the role and settings of a “Remote Agent” in UFT/QTP. Meaning:- It is an inbuilt tool inside HPUFT, which comes into picture when we run a test from ALM. UFT Remote Agent opens on the UFT computer where the test runs. The UFT Remote Agent determines how UFT behaves when a test […]

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Counting File types inside a Folder structure.

August 4, 2014

Continuing with working with Files and Folders. Files inside a Folder  Requirement2:- How to get count of particular file type inside a Folder. ‘Function Call fn_FilesInFolder “C:UsersufthelpDocumentsPerso”,”pdf”‘*******************************************Sub*******************************’Function Name:- fn_FilesInFolder’Function Description:- Function finds number of particular files inside a Given folder ‘Input Parameters:- Folder Path,File Type’Output Parameters:- None ‘*****************************************************************************Public Function fn_FilesInFolder(sPath,sFileType) Dim iFiles:iFiles = 0 Dim iCount:iCount […]

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