Understanding Automatic Runner(ALM) status Error on running UFT scripts.

Following is the list of errors we can face while running scripts from ALM . These status error are sometimes confusing.To clarify on their meaning and comprehend them, we have written about most frequent error messages in automatic runner.

Please feel free to add errors/solutions, incase you have encountered in your interaction of UFT with ALM. 

1.Unable to load the add-ins for the testing tool.

Root Cause:- Check that UFT is having required license.

Hint :- Try to launch UFT manually and verify that UFT is not giving License error.

Automatic Runner
Status Error

2.The Remote procedure call failed.

Root Cause:- Connection with Remote Agent is disconnected.

Automatic Runner Error
Status Error
3.Unable to close the unsaved document.

Root Cause:- UFT instance is already opened with a unsaved Test in it.

Hint:-Save the Test already opened in UFT.

Automatic Runner error
Status Error
4. The RPC server is unavailable.

Root Cause: – This generally indicates a connectivity issue. Like Windows Firewall issue, Host machine is not available to run the test from ALM.For more

Automatic Runner
Status Error

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