Working with VAPI-XP in ALM ?

Today we are going to discuss the basics of VAPI-XP and how to create our first VAPI-XP in ALM.

Meaning:-VAPI-XP testing tool facilitate us to create new testing scripts using Microsoft VBScript, Microsoft JavaScript (JScript version), PerlScript, and PythonScript. Furthermore we can integrate these scipts into our application management process. Using VAPI-XP test scripts, we can test COM/DCOM servers, SOAP-based Web services, Java APIs (such as Java classes and EJBs), and console applications.

VAPI-XP is also fully integrated with the ALM Open Test Architecture API. All open test architecture API classes and methods can be referenced from the VAPI-XP user interface  


Create a new Test folder inside a Test Plan in ALM

Creating New Folder in Test Plan
Creating New Folder (VAPI-XP)


a.Create new Test set inside the created folder Select the Type as VAPI-XP TEST.

New Test in ALM
New Test

b.Set the value of Test name

VAPI-XP Type in Test Set
Type as VAPI-XP

c.Click Finish to create a default type of VAPI

VAPI-XP Wizard

 Note:-We can also use VAPI-XP to create a LoadRunner virtual user.


Go to the Test Script tab, to write Your code in VAPI-XP
VAPI-XP Coding wizard
Code for VAPI-XP
Note:- It will have its auto generated code by default.

Move Your VAPI-XP file to Test Lab and we are ready to run the VAPI-XP 


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Hi Rocky,

It is not possible to update the script language(as per our knowledge).
It is similar to the fact like we are not able to change the Test Type from "VAPI-XP" to "QUICKTEST" or "MANUAL" in ALM.

uftHELP Team

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