ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘Mercury.ObjectRepositoryUtil’

Recently we got this error while running our .vbs file, external to UFT. 
It is a common error that one can encounter while working with .VBS files.
Let us focus on the possible solution for the same.

Please feel free to share your experience on the same.As always their are 100 of solutions for a problem, and you never know that you are holding the best solution 🙂

Machine Details :- 64 Bit

Problem :- Microsoft VBScript runtime error (800A01AD)

ActiveX Errror
ActiveX Error Message
Solution :-

1.Get the path of Your .vbs file having the “ObjectRepositoryUtil” code
2.Open CMD prompt
3.Copy paste the following code of line,
4. Add the File path to this, so our code of line will be
%SystemRoot%SysWow64cscript “File Path of .vbs”
5.Press Enter and we are done.Our script executes with following messages 

Command Prompt
Command Prompt

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For UTF versions, If you have already installed ActiveX and still receiving the error, make sure QTP samples also installed, that resolves the issue.

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