We will be focusing on 2 methodologies to achieve our target.

Approach 1:- 
Using “ObjectRepositoryUtil Object

ObjectRepositoryUtil(ORU):-By using this object we can work with object Repository files (Local/Shared) from outside of UFT.

We need to use “ExportToXML” method of ORU object.

ExportToXML Method

'Creating the ObjectRepositoryUtil to work with OR
Set objORU = CreateObject("Mercury.ObjectRepositoryUtil")
'Exporting the OR into new XML file
'Destroying the object
Set objORU = Nothing

Incase TargetFile, already exists UFT will give an error.

Approach 2:-
Using Object Repository manager
1.Open Object Repository manager
   Resources ->Object Repository Manager

Object Repository Manager
Object Repository Manager

2.Open the OR
 File ->open

3.Export to XML format
  File ->Export to XML

Export to XML
Export to XML

After Export we will get the information regarding the objects Exported from OR

XML export
Export Result

ActiveX Component Error

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