How to change Settings of Remote Agent ?

After launching the Remote Agent successfully. we can play with the settings of Remote Agent in UFT.

Approach 1:-

The Remote Agent’s icon will appear as a Taskbar Button(Check the far bottom right of the taskbar). Right click on remote agent button and select “Settings” from the context menu.

Settings Remote Agent
Remote Agent Button on Task Bar
Remote Settings Dialogbox
Remote Agent Dialog Box

Approach 2:-

Go to run (use Windows + R shortcut key)
Open remote agent setting file, “mic.ini”.

Search RemoteAgent File in UFT
Searching Remote Agent file through Run

Look for below segment to change the settings.


Operation wait interval is by default is set to 45 minutes(2700 sec = 2700000 microseconds), we can change it as per our requirement.

Change RunQTPHidden=0 to RunQTPHidden=1 if you don’t want to run UFT in Hidden mode when running tests from ALM.

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