Working with Remote Agent in UFT

Let us comprehend the role and settings of a “Remote Agent” in UFT/QTP.

It is an inbuilt tool inside HPUFT, which comes into picture when we run a test from ALM.

UFT Remote Agent opens on the UFT computer where the test runs.

The UFT Remote Agent determines how UFT behaves when a test is run by a remote application such as ALM.

Automatic: – It will be automatically triggered on the machine (UFT Machine) where we are running our tests from ALM/QC.

Manual: –
1. Look for the Unified Functional Testing (installation) folder ->bin->AQTRmtAgent.exe. Launch this .exe file.


2.Invoke the Remote Agent by following the path, Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP Unified Functional Testing > Tools > Remote Agent

Launching RemoteAgent in UFT

Settings in Remote Agent

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I have this question when trying to run on remote machine

We have a desktop application, that we have scripts on.
We want to run the same script for this application in both 32 and 64 bit Windows OS.
Can we execute the scripts on a remote machine without UFT installed on that machine?

kindly answer soon …

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