Month: December 2013

Hello Hello 2014,with a Snoozy Scenario of a Automation

December 31, 2013

Hello Automation Lovers,I just wanted to thanks a bunch for associating with throughout 2013, and hope we further enrich this relationship in 2014.Nothing much to share on the last eve of 2013, just an idea that how automation can be a boon for lethargic people like me :).Coming to Scenario:-We created Test Sheets for our “Keyword […]

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How to append zero(0) to user defined date?

December 3, 2013

Scenario:- Creating date in user defined format like MM/DD/YYYY?Solution:- In one of our application automation, we came across a situation, where we wanted to validate the date displayed on the AUT, for that we created the logical date to match with Actual Result .But our validation was failing, reason being, for the single digit dates like 2nd month […]

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