UFT Basic Interview Questions?

We thought of sharing some more basic questions regarding UFT/QTP.

We hope it’ll definitely help the testing community.Please share your feedback or your experiences. Do like our Facebook page for more updates.

1.Why we use “PathFinder” object in QTP?

2.What are regular expressions in QTP?

3.Explain “QcUtil” object ?

4.How we can achieve synchronization in QTP/UFT?

5.Meaning of Descriptive Programming?

6.Please give one liner for COM and WSH in context with QTP/UFT?

7.Explain scenario’s where we can avoid Automation?

8.Why we use Object Spy?

9.Difference between various recording modes in QTP/UFT?

1.To get the “Absolute Path”.
3.It is a Utility object which is used in OTA (Open test Architecture)
4.Wait, WaitProperty,Exist, Sync(Only Web),File-Settings-Run Tab-Increase object synchronization 
7.Usability Testing, ASAP testing, No ROI , Task is not Repetitive

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