UFT interview Questions

UFT interview questions
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1.What is the difference between Action and Function in UFT?

2.Explain the difference between image and Bit map check point?

3. Difference between verification and validation ?

4.Methods available in Reporter utility object?

5.How to get last four digits of “UFTHELP”?

6.Regression v/s Re-Testing?

1.Action is a concept of UFT while Function is related to VBscripting.

2.Image checkpoint is used to check the “Property Values” of an image(like alt), Bitmap checkpoint is used to check an area of a web page or an application after capturing it as a bitmap so that it can be compared with the expected and the actual bitmap

3. Checking that a “shoe” is of given size = Verification , Wearing shoe and checking the size is validation

4.ReportEvent, ReportNote

5.Using vb scripting “Right” function:- Right(string,4)

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