Working with Excel Object Model in UFT

In this video tutorial we are going to discuss, working with Excel in UFT using our “Excel Object Model“.

Topics discussed:-

  • Understanding Excel object model(Application, Workbooks, Worksheet,Cell)
  • Creating the corresponding objects for accessing Excel objects
  • Fetching single cell data from excel
  • Fetching data from complete Excel
  • Writing data into Excel Cell
  • Changing the Font color of cell in Excel
  • Changing the Background color of cell in Excel

Excel object model in UFT
Understanding Excel in UFT

Sample Code Snippets:-

'Creating the Excel Object
set objExcel = createobject("excel.application")
'Creating the Workbooks object
set objWB = (Path of Excel)
'Creating the sheet object
set objsheet = objwb.worksheets(SheetName)

'Changing the backgound color all the populated cells in sheet
for i= 1 to objsheet.usedrange.rows.count
for j = 1 to objsheet.usedrange.columns.count
'Saving the workbook after changes
'closing the workbook

'Quit the Excel and destroying the Excel object
set objExcel=nothing

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