UFT interview Questions

UR 1st Testing Help 1.What is the difference between Action and Function in UFT? 2.Explain the difference between image and Bit map check point? 3. Difference between verification and validation […]

Math functions in UFT

Following is the list of  important Math functions in Vbscripting in UFT:- Abs   Atn  Cos  Exp   Fix   Int   Log   Rnd   Sgn   Sin  Sqr   Tan

VB-Scripting Asc v/s Chr Function

Function Name:- AscMeaning :- Used to get ANSI character code of “First” character of the string.ANSI:- American National Standards Institute. Chart of ANSISyntax:- Asc(String) No Arguments are given runtime error occurs Function Name:- […]

Working with Excel Object Model in UFT

In this video tutorial we are going to discuss, working with Excel in UFT using our “Excel Object Model“.Topics discussed:- Understanding Excel object model(Application, Workbooks, Worksheet,Cell) Creating the corresponding objects […]

Vb-Scripting Array Function

Function Name:- ArrayMeaning :- Used to creating Arrays(Returns Array type Variant)Syntax:- Array(Arguments) Arguments are comma separated  No Arguments are given 0 length array is created Example:- Dim aNum aNum = Array(“Helping”,”People”,”Learn”,”uftHelp.com”) […]