Understanding Add-in manager in UFT

What is Addin Manager?

It is a software which prepares UFT/QTP to provide support for multiple technologies. As we know UFT supports for wide range of environment like Windows (.Net, Java), Web, SAP,Oracle.Thus Addin manager assist UFT to work with various platforms.

Addin manager in UFT


In case we want to automate web application (Say facebook), and we have not added “web” addin into UFT, What will happen? ……very simple UFT will take any object of facebook page as standard objects (Window, winobject) and thus automation will fail. So for this to work we need to add “web” addin to UFT.Still don’t get, please try to automate facebook login, without adding “Web” addin in UFT.
Why Addin Manager?

We use this feature to tell UFT in advance, that what all type of technologies (Applications) we will be using UFT to automate. So if our AUT is developed using .net platform, we will use .net addin for UFT to recognize AUT objects and automation can happen.

How to enable/disable Addin Manager?

Tools-Options (Thus now Addin manager, wont load on launching UFT each time)

Enable-disable addin manager on launch of UFT

How many Addin’s are available?

With each release HP team added support for new technologies, thus new Addin’s were created for automation of AUT can happen.

Example:- “Silverlight” addin was added in QTP-11, Flex and QT add-in’s were added in UFT.
List of Addins in UFT:-

  • ActiveX
  • Visual Basic
  • Web
  • Delphi
  • Flex
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • PowerBuilder
  • Qt
  • SAP
  • Siebel
  • Stingray
  • Terminal Emualtor(For Mainframe applications)
  • VisualAge

How to uninstall or install add-ins ?

1.We can install addin’s while installing UFT for the first time.

2.Modify it after installation, by using re-install option.

  • Default Addin’s are :- Activex,Visual Basic and Web
  • Add only the required add-in’s as it affects the performance of UFT, both in terms of memory and reorganization of AUT objects.
  • Only those addin’s will be available on launch which we have selected during installation of UFT
  • We can check and modify the add-in’s for opened test “File-Settings-Properties
Associated Addin with test in UFT
Modify the associated addin with Test

  • Check Help menu option,”Help-About HP Unified functional testing”

Addin's present in test in UFT
  • We can have no addin checked in addin manager – UFT will recognize each object as windows and winobject

Addin manager without any addin selected

Example Scenarios of GetRoProperty in UFT

1. How to fetch the title of opened browser using UFT?

Variable Declaration
Dim sTitle , objDesc ,objBrowser
'Creating Description Object
Set objDesc = Description.Create
'Description object is pointing to Browser
objDesc("micclass").value = "Browser"
'Fetching all the opened Browser
Set objBrowser = Desktop.ChildObjects(objDesc)
'Taking the tile of the opened browser using GetROProperty
For iCounter = 0 to objBrowser.Count -1
MsgBox "Title of opened browser is " & objBrowser(iCounter).GetROProperty("title")

How to fetch title value using Selenium

2.     Fetching all the items present on the Desktop

'Declaring Variables
Dim sItems
'fetching the items present on Desktop
sItems = Window("regexpwndclass:=Progman","regexpwndtitle:=Program Manager").WinListView("nativeclass:=SysListView32").GetROProperty("all items")
'Displaying the results
MsgBox sItems.count

3.How to get the count of the Google search Result ?
4.Using GetRoProperty to get count of WebList items?

QTP/QC interview Questions

Interview Questions (Part-5)

1. Which all the Operating Systems are supported by UFT/QTP?

2. Does QC run only on Windows OS?

3. Can you please explain which all browsers are supported by UFT?

4. Does QTP support database testing?

5. Can we import test cases from HP-Sprinter into UFT?


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UFT/QTP Interview Questions?

Interview Questions (Part-4)

These below questions test your real approach in using QTP, interviewer use this to judge whether you have really worked on this tool. Hope it helps you people.

1. Why your company went for automation and how QTP was shortlisted from all the tools?

2. Can you please share any challenging situation faced while using QTP and how you overcome it?

3. How many applications you have automated, or lines of code you have written?

4. Please explain any situation where QTP failed to automate?

5. How you can make scripts that  are easy to maintain?

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