Interview Questions-Part-6

In one of the interview i was asked to write test cases on “Credit Card“, thought of sharing with testing community , please feel free to add and extend the cases.

Contact :-

Physical appearance/Usability:- 
  • Test the color and size of the card
  • Bank name/type of card(Titanium,platinum)
  • Credit card number (16 digit)
  • Card provider (Master card/Visa card)
  • Name of the user on card, validity dates
  • 24 hour customer support numbers
  • Magnetic strip should be at proper place
  • Material used for card should not be harmful
  • Credit card width, height so that it can be swiped into card reader machine
  • Credit card asks for pin after swiping into card reader
  • In case credit limit for month/day has reached no transaction is possible
  • On complete transaction, bank database is getting updated
  • On debit of amount phone message is received
  • In case card is blocked by user, it should not work
  • Expired card/broken strip doesn’t initiate transaction
  • Incase card has chip facility then both dip and swipe should work
  • Online transaction,  using paypal flow, try negative cases
    • Invalid credit card number/Expiry date
    • Session expiry

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