Image-based object identification in UFT(Insight Recording)

This is my first video on UFT, hope all the automation lovers gain something into the practical aspect of new feature (Image based identification ).

Please share your feedback or suggestions on

Sorry friends voice quality is not as good, i need to improve on my recorder thing .

Just a Brief summary of topics discussed:-

What is insight and how image based identification works. 

When to use this Feature:

  • UFT does not recognizes the AUT
  • Running on remote machine or non windows platform 

 Important points:– 


Browser(“Flash Calculator”).InsightObject(“imgsrc=:C:Users…Desktopufthelpcom.png”,”Index:=0”)

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2 replies on “Image-based object identification in UFT(Insight Recording)”

Hello Chef,

Parameterization is similar to passing any normal object.

set obj = Browser("test").insightobject("image5")
'Function call
call calculator(obj)

Hope it helps.


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