Mobile Testing in UFT?

For supporting Mobile testing in UFT , ExperiTest team came up with “SeeTest” addin .

This is a licensed addin and when selected in Addin Manager, it enhances the capablities of UFT to work with various mobile testing platforms

Key Highlights of this Addin are :-

  •   Extend UFT (QTP) to testing & monitoring of mobile devices
  •  Android, iOS, Blackberry and WindowsPhone – fully supported
  •  Test creation and editting from within UFT
  •  Object repository resides inside UFT
  •  Object identification done by the object properties
  •  Native, Web, Image and Text object properties supported – for all mobile platforms 
  •  Reports fully integrated including images of the actual physical device
  •  QC full integration
  • For more on SeeTest
  • 10 Day Trail is available
  • Detailed Document

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