Making changes to Settings of UFT

How we can change the “Browser navigation timeout” in UFT?

In first solution we can change by following steps:-


BrowserNavigationTimeout in UFT
Step2:-Select “Apply” and “OK”
We can change it dynamically using coding at Runtime
Step1:- Copy the following script in any Editor(Notepad) and save with extension .vbs
‘Decalring the object variable for UFT
Dim objUft
‘Creating object of UFT
Set objUft= CreateObject(“QuickTest.Application”)
‘Launching the Apllication and making it visible
objUft.Visible = True
‘Setting the Browser Navigation Timeout value 
objUft.Test.Settings.Web.BrowserNavigationTimeout = 80000
‘Destroing the object
set objUft= Nothing
Step2:-Double click the saved file

Step3:-Check the “BrowserNavigationTimeout”

One thought on “Making changes to Settings of UFT

  1. There is also this method:

    ' Capture the current timeout
    old_delay = Setting ("DefaultTimeOut")

    ' Display it for your edification
    MsgBox ("The current default delay is " & old_delay)

    'Set temporary value for the DefaultTimeOut testing option
    Setting("DefaultTimeOut")= 1000

    ' Capture and display the change your edification
    new_delay = Setting ("DefaultTimeOut")
    MsgBox ("The new default delay is " & new_delay)

    MsgBox ("Insert test code here where you want a shorter time.")

    ' Change the DefaultTimeOut testing option back to its original
    Setting("DefaultTimeOut") = old_delay

    ' Capture and display it again for your edification
    new_delay = Setting ("DefaultTimeOut")
    MsgBox ("The default delay is now set back to " & new_delay)

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