Tools available in UFT

Today I am planning to discuss about the Tools which comes in Bundle with UFT. As automation experts we should be aware about their usage and importance. 

In this discussion I’ll list them and in future, will be elaborating more on their functionality, so that we can utilize them to the maximum.

Tools list:-
  1. Activity Wizard
  2. Additional Installation Requirements
  3. HP Micro Player
  4. License Validation Utility
  5. Password Encoder
  6. Register new browser control
  7. Remote Agent
  8. Run Results Deletion Tool
  9. Silent Test Runner
  10. SoapUI to API Test Converter
  11. Test Batch Runner

 Test batch runner, Password Encoder , Silent Test Runner are some of the most frequently used tools.
Where to find:-
Path:-“”C:Program FilesHPHP SoftwareHP Unified Functional TestingTools”
Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP Unified Functional Testing > Tools”

Select the Tool to work with from HP folder in Program files.

Test Batch Runner UI(Used in Batch execution of Test Scripts):-

Test Batch Runner

Activity Wizard(Used in API testing):-

Activity Wizard UI

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