Smart Identification in UFT/QTP

How to enable and disable Smart identification?

Scenario:- We need to capture an object(Say WebEdit) and we want UFT/QTP to uniquely identify the object but it is not able to find any unique properties to identify that, so how
can we go about it.

Solution:-We need to take help of Smart identification here as Mandatory + Assistive(MA) properties are not able to find any unique properties (We are also ignoring Ordinal identifier )

Enabling Smart identification for an object:-

Step 1:- Tools – Object identification 

Step2:- Select the Environment (In our case it is web as we need to configure
 for WebEdit) 

Step3:-Select the Test Object Class – Check the “Enable Smart Identification”
— Click “Configure”

Step4:- Set the Base Filter and Optional Filter properties – Click 

Step5:- Select the properties from Add/Remove Properties and Ok (We can define our new Property Also)

Step6:-Click Ok on all screens opened, and we are done and now WebEdit will be identified smartly by UFT

Verify Check:- To verify that enabled object it working as pet the settings, add object to Object Repository(OR) and check under “Object Properties” ->“Additional Details”->”Enable smart identification” is coming as “True”, in case it is not enabled “Enable smart identification”(ESI) will come as disabled.

Important Points:-

1.Incase ESI, is enabled, we can disable this option for any particular object in OR, 
by making setting its value to “False”.

2.For making this feature disabled for whole script, File->Settings->Run->”Disable Smart Identification during the Run session”

3.In point above, now UFT won’t rely on Smart identification during Run even we have 
set this feature enabled for any Object.

 4.In case we added any object, with ESI as Off, UFT won’t use ESI for identification
 in future, even though we have enabled it afterwords.

5.Taking the example of Web edit, in case we added it to OR with ESI disabled, 
enabling it for webedit after that won’t made the already added webedit to have ESI
 enabled and it’ll come as disabled in OR. But for newly added Webedit it will be enabled

Object Identification

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I have enabled the smart identification on QTP ( version 10.0) for automating Web page, but still i am not able to locate the fields, tabs on the web page. My IE version is IE8. Kindly let me know what can be done to locate the fields on the web page.

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