Making changes to Settings of UFT

How we can change the “Browser navigation timeout” in UFT? Solution1:- In first solution we can change by following steps:- Step1:-File->Settings->Web->BrowserNavigationTimeout Step2:-Select “Apply” and “OK” Solution2:- We can change it […]

Example of class in Vbscripting

Here is a example for defining a Class, setting the values using Property and working with methods using Object of class. ‘********************************Code for Class********************************‘Defining a Class Class UFTHelp       ‘Declaring […]

Exit Statements in UFT

Let us discuss various Exit statements which are quite useful in automation testing Using UFT.These statements are part of Vbscripting(Latest version) and when implanted in the code provides better control […]

Variable type in UFT

How to get Subtype of variable?It is very easy, we need to use the function provided in vbscripting i.e. VartypeSyntax:-Vartype(variableName)Vartype returns values in the form  shown below:- Example:-We need Vartype […]

Datatypes in UFT

Data types in Vbscript:- It has only one dataype called as Variant ,as the name indicates its data type changes as per  the context in which it is used.Idea is […]