Answer List for HPUFT Questions (Part-1):-

1. 256 columns
2. We can’t save local OR it is saved by default .
3. Please refer the below :-

  • .QFL (Quick Test Function Library)
  • .QRS(Quick Test Recovery Scenario)
  • .TSR(Test Script Repository) , Friends we used to refer this as Test Shared Repository, but after clarification from HP Training team we got the right full form, in most of the internet material’s it is referred as Shared Repository but sorry to say that is wrongly given).
  • .MTR(Module Test Repository) on most of the websites it is again given as Mercury Test Repository, as per HP this is wrong) 

 4.Yes, don’t get me wrong just try out the following line of code in UFT, you can verify it:- 

  Dim var : var = 0
'Writing the IF condition without End if
IF var=0 THEN MSGBOX "Zero" ELSE "Non Zero"

 Thing is that we can avoid ENDIF, in case we are writing the IF condition in single line. 

 5. We can use either Keyword “REM” before the comment statement or symbol apostrophe i.e. ‘ 

 6. Below are the tools available in OR Manager:- 

  • Merge tool 
  • Comparison Tool 
  • Update from Local repository

 7.We can access Excel database in following ways:- 

A.Creating an object of Excel using CreateObject:-

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.application") 'Creating excel object "C:/Test.xls" 'Setting the path of the file to open
objExcel.Visible = True 'Making the opened Excel file visible

B.Using the ADO database object

Dim str
str = "C:/Test.xls" 'Excel Path
Set objADO = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set objRS = CreateObect("ADODB.RecordSet")
ObjADO.ConnectionString = "Driver = {Microsoft Excel Driver(*.xls)};DBQ="&str
ObjRS = ObjADO.Exceute("Select * from Sheet1")
Do until EOF
'Fetching the data from excel until data exists

 8. Mandatory Properties -> Assistive Properties -> Visual Relation Identifier->Ordinal Identifier->Smart Identification. 
 9. This property doesn’t exist, if we think logically how can we set Runtime property of a Real object in application 
 10. By using “GetRoProperty” in a weblist. Browser ().Page ().Weblist ().GetRoProperty (“items count”)

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